Botox or botulinum toxin is a prescription only medicine that is used to temporarily relax the facial muscles that cause wrinkles in adults. It can only be injected by a certified medical professional and is the single most popular non-surgical procedure. It is easy, cost effective and virtually pain free.



Wrinkles are formed by repetitive creasing in the skin from everyday facial expressions. These creases can become deep and prominent with time. Botox can be used as both a preventative and corrective measure for fine lines. This can lead to fewer and less severe wrinkles over time with its use. The treatment will not make you look frozen or make it look like you “had work done.”
At See & Be Seen, we offer both BOTOX Cosmetic and Xeomin Cosmetic for the treatments.



  • Frown lines also known as Glabellar Lines
  • Upper Facial Wrinkles or Forehead Lines
  • Crows feet which are the lines along the corner of the eyes



Your custom treatment will be performed by Dr. Alia Ali. During your comprehensive Beauty Consultation, she will take your health history and determine the areas you are interested in treating. She will then perform a thorough analysis of your facial anatomy to determine the best areas for enhancement. All of your questions will be addressed and she will have you sign a consent form. In many cases, Dr. Ali can perform the treatment the same day as your consultation!


Botox and Xeomin are indicated for both men and women between the ages of 18-65. We charge per unit of botox. The number of units you will require depends on the areas you would like treated. The injection is carried out with a very fine needle and the entire procedure takes less than 15 minutes. There is minimal downtime after your treatment and you can return to your daily activities right after. Some people experience some bruising at the injection site but this will subside in a few days.



What is Botox® and how is it administered?
Botox® is safe and approved for reduction of wrinkles. It is a drug that is carefully injected under the skin and into the muscle. It allows for temporary relaxation to the underlying muscle. This prevents full muscle contraction and prevents the skin from wrinkling. Dr. Ali in conjunction with your preferences will determine which muscles require treatment.


Does the treatment hurt?
Discomfort levels range from patient to patient however, minor discomfort levels have been reported.


When does Botox® start to work?
You may begin to notice results within 24 to 48 hours of the procedure.


How long does Botox® last?
Results can last up to 4 months with a gradual decline in its effects at around 3 months. With this timeline in mind, we will work on establishing a follow-up procedure after your initial visit, at your convenience.


Is Botox® right for me?
During the consultation, the physician will determine if Botox® is appropriate for you. Botox® should not be used during pregnancy, if you are nursing, or if you are taking certain medications.


Do men and women both use Botox®?
Yes! Many men enjoy the enhancements of Botox® and are increasingly seeking out this treatment.


What side effects may be experienced when using Botox®?
Botox® is generally well tolerated. Side effects may include bruising and/or pain at the injection site and temporary muscle weakness. These side effects are usually temporary and minimal.


How do I get started?
Please contact us at See & Be Seen Eyecare to set up a complimentary Beauty Consultation with Dr. Ali.