Ortho-k: the Non-surgical Solution to Glasses

Ortho-K (also called orthokeratology and corneal refractive therapy) is a simple but effective solution that allows people to see clearly without wearing glasses or contact lenses during the day.

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How Does Ortho-k Work?

Most refractive errors are caused by a problem with the length or curvature of the eye. In nearsightedness either the eyeball is too long or the cornea is too steep. In farsightedness the eyeball is too short or the cornea is too flat. Ortho-K uses rigid, gas permeable lenses to remedy these issues.

Every night at bedtime, the patient puts in their Ortho-K lenses. As they sleep, the rigid lenses gently reshape the cornea, correcting their refractive error. By the time the patient wakes up, their eyes are the right shape to facilitate clear vision, which means they can take the contacts out and go about their day without any other sort of corrective lenses.

Ortho-K Is a Reversible Alternative to Surgery

For Ortho-K to work longterm, you have to wear the contact lenses every night; otherwise, your eyes will return to their original shape. If you ever decide you want to pursue laser eye surgery or that you just like the way you look in glasses, you can easily reverse Ortho-K treatment by just not wearing your contact lenses while you sleep anymore.

Ortho-k for Myopia Control

Even though childhood myopia tends to get worse as kids get older, we can mitigate that progression with Ortho-K. Myopia progression is associated with recurring eye stress. Ortho-K helps reduce the strain on your child’s eyes by giving them clear vision at all distances.

Read more about myopia control or book an appointment to find out whether myopia control is right for your child.