In Case of Emergency, Call See & Be Seen Eyecare

Your vision is one of your most precious resources. When that resource is in jeopardy, it’s crucial that you act fast.

At See & Be Seen, we do everything we can to accommodate emergency appointments. If you have an eye health emergency, call us immediately. We’ll give you instructions from there.

Common Eye Emergencies

  • Full or partial loss of vision
  • Sudden onset of flashes and floaters
  • Yellow, green, or white discharge
  • Excessive swelling
  • Eye pain
  • Foreign object sensation
  • Persistent burning or itching
  • Persistent discharge or “weeping”

If these symptoms don’t match your experience but you’re still worried, call us anyway. You know your body best, and it’s important that you listen to it.

Basic Eye First Aid

What Should I Do if I Get Chemicals in My Eye?

Even chemicals as common as household cleaners could permanently damage your eyes. If your eyes come into contact with any sort of chemical, you need to flush them with clean, cool water immediately. Your discomfort might abate after a moment, but you still need to continue flushing your eyes for at least 20 minutes; it’s the only way to make sure you’ve gotten all the chemicals out.

Once you’ve finished flushing your eyes (don’t forget, 20 full minutes), seek medical attention.

What Should I Do if Something Is Stuck in My Eye

If there’s an object actually embedded in your eye, leave it alone and seek immediate medical attention! If you have dirt or an eyelash in your eye, start by flushing the eye out with cool, clean water. If that doesn’t work, you could moisten a clean cotton swab with clean water and gently tap the object. If the object doesn’t stick to the cotton swab, it’s time to see a doctor.

Never use tweezers or any other tools on or around your eyes.