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Are Eyeglasses for Night Driving Different?

A man driving his car at night wearing a pair of eyeglasses.

Night driving can be more hazardous than daytime driving. Reduced visibility and glare from oncoming headlights and streetlamps can make it difficult to assess road conditions.  To help reduce glare, some individuals may use night driving glasses. They have yellow lens tint, can be bought over the counter, and don’t usually contain a vision prescription. […]

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Do Glasses Make Your Eyes Worse?

A young woman smiling and trying on glasses in a store while being assisted by an optician or optometrist

According to statistics, 57% of Canadians 20 and older have a vision problem that requires optical correction. Eyewear such as glasses can offer cosmetic and corrective benefits.    Still, many people raise concerns that glasses make your eyes worse. Wearing glasses does not make your eyes worse.  About Your Vision  Your visual system is an intricate […]

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Are Daily Contact Lenses Better for Dry Eye?

Women putting in daily contact lens to help with her dry eye symptoms

Dry eyes can make wearing contact lenses difficult, causing discomfort and irritation. While contacts may feel uncomfortable with dry eyes, different lenses may feel better. If you wear contact lenses and have dry eyes, is there a better option available, such as daily disposable lenses? Continue reading to learn more about dry eye disease and […]

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Safely Wearing Contact Lenses During This Time

Contact lenses can be worn safely while preventing potential contamination by following the proper contact lens care instructions, which include thoroughly washing, cleaning, and drying your hands prior to handling contact lenses.  Good hygiene practices as important as ever before As always, wash your hands with antibacterial soap and water before putting on or taking […]

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