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What Is LipiFlow Treatment for Dry Eyes?

A young woman rubbing her eyes as she suffers from a commonly seen eye condition called dry eye.

Dry eye can be a frustrating condition, but there is hope for those who suffer from it. One treatment option that’s gaining popularity is LipiFlow, a gentle procedure that can provide long-term relief for dry eyes. This innovative treatment not only addresses the root cause of dry eye but also can be done quickly and […]

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Can IPL Be Used for Active Inflammation?

Young woman receiving Intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy.

Imagine a treatment for meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) that not only relieves the symptoms of active inflammation but also improves the overall health of the eyelids and the quality of the tears. Intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy is a non-invasive procedure that uses light energy to target the root cause of MGD, reducing inflammation and […]

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Warm Compresses for Dry Eye: Do They Work?

There is a lot of information available on the Internet today about dry eye and the various treatments you can turn to for relief. And one of the most common treatments people are turning to are warm compresses. But because we’re so passionate about providing patients like you with trustworthy advice, especially about managing your […]

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The Latest in Dry Eye Treatments

Close up of women having dry eyes on left compared with healthy eyes on the right

Dry Eye Treatments That Work Many people experience dry eye symptoms throughout their lives. These symptoms may show up from time to time, or they may be chronic and affect eyes daily. Either way, red, burning eyes are never a welcome feeling. Treating dry eyes can prevent larger issues, which is why we’ve compiled this […]

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What Happens if Blepharitis Is Left Untreated?

If you have irritated, swollen, or red eyelids, you may be suffering from a common eye disorder related to dry eye disease called Blepharitis. Although Blepharitis is a chronic condition, many treatments are available to help you manage the symptoms and side effects.  Even though Blepharitis can be treated and managed with the help of […]

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How Long Does IPL Dry Eye Treatment Last?

Are you tired of having irritated, dry eyes? Have you tried other dry eye treatments without any luck? Fortunately, some procedures can help relieve the symptoms associated with dry eye.  Intense pulsed light (IPL) treatment is a treatment for dry eye that your optometrist can perform. It uses light therapy to target the root causes […]

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Don’t Turn a Blind Eye to Dry Eye

The Canadian National Institute for Blindness says that an estimated 30% of Canadians suffer from chronic dry eye. That means nearly one-third of us live with the frustration and discomfort every day.  Despite this very high prevalence, I have found that many patients believe their dry eye disease is an inconvenience rather than an actual […]

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