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Dr. Woods on Blocking the Blue

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We are all working from home more these days. It has its benefits such as rolling our chair over to the kitchen for lunch, not moving your legs to go to a meeting, and not having to smash yourself into a busy bus to get to work. 

Hurray!!! SO MUCH MORE EXTRA TIME TO DO THE THINGS WE LOVE??? If you are LUCKY! Most of us are working on the computer longer hours.

Looking at screens longer contributes to computer syndrome. Computer syndrome can cause eye strain, headaches, and sometimes blurred vision with prolonged computer use. Although there are many things we can do to prevent computer syndrome, one is blue blocking coating on your lenses.

Blue light comes from computer monitors, smartphones, TVs and LED overhead lights. Blue light scatters more compared to other lower wavelengths and your eyes have to work extra hard to focus this light.  This can make your eyes feel strained. Blue light can also contribute to decreased melatonin which can cause less restful sleep. 

Having the correct prescription, even just to relax your eyes, as well as blue blocking coating can make your eyes feel better after a long day on screens. Whether you are spending the day on web conference calls… or binge watching all seasons of Schitts Creek on NetFlix (my fav) protect your eyes with blue blocking coating on your glasses!!

Written by Dr. Ritesh Patel

Some people grow up wanting to be a famous athlete, an astronaut, or even the Prime Minister of Canada. Dr. Patel’s childhood ambition was to be an Optometrist. His dream leads him to live and practice all over the world, but his heart has always been in Toronto.

Dr. Patel was born in Toronto and grew up in the Markham area. After completing his Bachelor of Science in 2003 from the University of Waterloo, he went on to study at the prestigious New England College of Optometry in Boston, MA.

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