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Tips on Managing Digital Eye Strain

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From Zoom meetings and online classes, everyone is spending more time on their digital devices while we face a new world. With the majority of people working from home and adapting to a new way of living, digital eye strain is something that many of my patients have started to notice throughout the day.

Our eyes have to work even harder than they were before, exerting more effort when reading from your phone or focusing on fine print from your computer. Symptoms of digital eye strain can vary from blurred vision, eyestrain, headaches, and even result in dry eyes. Depending on your eyes, you may find yourself having trouble focusing and maintaining clarity in your vision. 

Adjusting your screen brightness and colour tones to a setting that is more comfortable can help to reduce your symptoms. Remember to take frequent breaks as much as possible, to relieve the stress on your eyes. As funny as this sounds, don’t forget to BLINK your eyes to refresh and hydrate your eyes! 

Have you heard of blue light? Blue light is emitted from the sun, but also comes from our laptops, phones, and tablets. It has shown to increase eye fatigue and alter our sleep patterns by reducing the amount of melatonin secreted within our body. Having a blue light filter in your glasses can significantly help improve your eye strain you may be experiencing at the end of the day. 

Most importantly, it’s best to have your eyes checked by your optometrist to ensure your prescription is accurate and up-to-date. If you’re experiencing any symptoms of digital eye strain, book an appointment to see how we can help you and your eye health! 

Written by Dr. Ritesh Patel

Some people grow up wanting to be a famous athlete, an astronaut, or even the Prime Minister of Canada. Dr. Patel’s childhood ambition was to be an Optometrist. His dream leads him to live and practice all over the world, but his heart has always been in Toronto.

Dr. Patel was born in Toronto and grew up in the Markham area. After completing his Bachelor of Science in 2003 from the University of Waterloo, he went on to study at the prestigious New England College of Optometry in Boston, MA.

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