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Dr. Woods on Early Onset Presbyopia

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So, basically, 40 is the new 30… well, that’s what I say anyway as I have passed my mid-30s. I never needed to wear glasses. I wore them for fashion (because I love glasses). But in the last 2 weeks, I’ve noticed after working all day on the computer my eyes were feeling strained and occasionally a slight headache. I need a little brighter lighting when I’m looking at my phone at night. My eyes were tired and I squinting occasionally.

I HAVE EARLY ONSET PRESBYOPIA ( insert horror music ).

Are you scared? Well… don’t be. You are still young and attractive. All this means is the lens inside your eye is getting a little harder. This happens to everyone. The lens flexes and helps you for near activity. My lens now just needs a little help now.

But you’re asking yourself… What can we do??!!

I knew you were going to ask that. There are relaxation or anti-fatigue lenses that help. This lens is also actually prescribed to teenagers… so basically you are getting younger. Put those in a stylish frame and your good to go. There are multifocal contact lenses to help relax your eyes if you don’t want to put glasses on your face.

I know you can still see up close. But you might be missing out on how your eyes can feel at the end of the day after the endless online conference calls. So, you know… take your time. Go for a patio for a beer… dance by yourself in your apartment like in the good old days at a club. But when you’re ready to make your eyes feel better… I will be here for you 2 meters/6 feet away.

Written by Dr. Ritesh Patel

Some people grow up wanting to be a famous athlete, an astronaut, or even the Prime Minister of Canada. Dr. Patel’s childhood ambition was to be an Optometrist. His dream leads him to live and practice all over the world, but his heart has always been in Toronto.

Dr. Patel was born in Toronto and grew up in the Markham area. After completing his Bachelor of Science in 2003 from the University of Waterloo, he went on to study at the prestigious New England College of Optometry in Boston, MA.

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