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What to Expect from LipiFlow Dry Eye Treatment

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Far too many people accept the irritation and frustration that comes with dry eyes. Many are quick to look for a short-term solution, such as using eye drops or not wearing their contacts. There is no longer a reason to have to settle for these short-lasting solutions.   

LipiFlow dry eye treatment is an innovative technique used to return your eyes to a natural, healthy state. Continue reading to learn more about this revolutionary treatment and how it can solve your dry eye problems. 

Dry Eye Disease 

Before we get into the treatment, it is important to understand what dry eye disease is exactly. Dry eye disease can be caused by a variety of factors, many coming from our general health and nutrition. Suffering from dry eye disease can be extremely irritating and painful.  

Dry eye disease is caused by meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD), meaning your eyelids are no longer producing high-quality tears to moisten your eyes. This disease is quite common and not one that you should just have to put up with. In fact, 30% of Canadians suffer from dry eyes

Many Canadians who live with dry eyes will try to solve the irritation on their own, instead of reaching out for help. Dealing with this irritation can become frustrating and can be easily avoided. Visiting your optometrist for regular eye exams and maintaining proper eye health are easy ways to avoid the pain of dry eye disease. 

Now, let’s get into how you can treat your dry eyes long-term and get your tears working again. 

What to expect from LipiFlow dry eye treatment

What is LipiFlow Dry Eye Treatment? 

LipiFlow is a relatively new, highly effective treatment for dry eyes. Instead of treating your eyes with eye drops (only artificially moistening your eyes), LipiFlow helps your eyes produce their own tears again naturally. These new natural tears will stop your eyes from getting dry and stop you from frequently having to use eye drops. 

LipiFlow treatment involves placing small pads on your eyes to open your meibomian gland, allowing your eyes to produce tears naturally again. Even if your eyes are still producing tears naturally, LipiFlow will increase the quality of these tears, preventing your dry eyes from getting worse. 

Dr. Patel was the first in North America to bring LipiFlow into his practice. No longer looking to provide patients with only a short-term solution, Dr. Patel introduced a treatment to his practice that will last patients up to two years! 

LipiFlow dry eye treatment isn’t about bringing temporary relief to patients. It is focused on removing irritation altogether, restoring natural health to the patients’ eyes. 

Before and after comparison of woman with dry eyes.

How LipiFlow Treatment Works 

LipiFlow is essentially a combination of all other dry eye solutions into one. This twelve-minute treatment is simple and essentially painless (there is potential for light discomfort during and after the treatment). 

Since dry eyes are caused by your meibomian gland being blocked (stopping the normal production of tears), LipiFlow opens up these glands. Once these glands have been opened, your eyelids are now able to produce expel meibum (the oil that prevents your tears from evaporating).  

During the treatment, pads will be placed over your eyes, applying light heat and gentle pressure. This combination of heat and pressure will fix the source of your dry eye problems, allowing your eyes to naturally keep themselves moist. 

Before and after comparison of woman with dry eyes.

Is LipiFlow Treatment Right for You? 

Before you undergo the LipiFlow treatment, a dry eye consultation is needed to ensure there are no further underlying health conditions with your eyes. If you are suffering from dry eye disease, it is best to book a consultation right away, rather than continuing to treat your eyes on your own. Dry eye disease is also something that can be caught during regular eye exams

The LipIFlow treatment works best with patients that do not have glands that are completely shut. This allows for the heat and pressure to easily open glands that are completely and partially shut. 

Although LipiFlow is still relatively new, the results have been excellent! LipiFlow has now undergone several medical trials and Dr. Patel has treated 1000’s of Ontarians suffering from dry eye disease. 

Although there is a slight discomfort associated with LipiFlow treatment, it is safe and approved by both the CFIA and FDA. After the treatment, there is potential for mild side effects (although rare), these include burning or stinging, redness, and inflammation. 

Medically Proven Results 

In a study with patients suffering from meibomian gland dysfunction (dry eye), 79% of patients didn’t need any additional dry eye treatments for 12 months after a single LipiFlow treatment. With the LipiFlow treatment only taking twelve minutes, you are receiving relief for a whole year, without having to use a single eye drop! 

Interested in learning more about LipiFlow treatment? Book your dry eye consultation today!

Written by Dr. Ritesh Patel

Some people grow up wanting to be a famous athlete, an astronaut, or even the Prime Minister of Canada. Dr. Patel’s childhood ambition was to be an Optometrist. His dream leads him to live and practice all over the world, but his heart has always been in Toronto.

Dr. Patel was born in Toronto and grew up in the Markham area. After completing his Bachelor of Science in 2003 from the University of Waterloo, he went on to study at the prestigious New England College of Optometry in Boston, MA.

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