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What Happens if Blepharitis Is Left Untreated?

If you have irritated, swollen, or red eyelids, you may be suffering from a common eye disorder related to dry eye disease called Blepharitis. Although Blepharitis is a chronic condition, many treatments are available to help you manage the symptoms and side effects.  Even though Blepharitis can be treated and managed with the help of […]

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Is all this screen time damaging my eyes? (Yes. But here’s what to do)

Between Zoom meetings, ordering groceries online, Instagram videos, Face Time, checking the Canadian coronavirus map, endless chats with friends over Messenger, digital symptom trackers, and, of course, bingeing Tiger King, screen time is at an all-time high. Digital media has emerged as a hero in the covid-19 pandemic, since it’s making remote work possible and […]

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Don’t Turn a Blind Eye to Dry Eye

The Canadian National Institute for Blindness says that an estimated 30% of Canadians suffer from chronic dry eye. That means nearly one-third of us live with the frustration and discomfort every day.  Despite this very high prevalence, I have found that many patients believe their dry eye disease is an inconvenience rather than an actual […]

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